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12pm-1pm in the Youth Rm

12pm-1pm in the Youth Rm

New York Missions Experience

July 21-July 27(tentative)

This year we are connecting with CSM in NYC! Join us for 7 days of adventure, new experiences, service, and fun, and see what God can show you! 

Ages: Gr.9-Gr.12                         Cost: TBD

$100 Deposit & Application Due: Nov 2018

Final Payment of funds: TBD 2019


What to Expect on a Missions Experience

As a team, our group will meet monthly to grow together through community, prepare ourselves for the trip, and create fundraising opportunities to help with the cost! Our meetings will happen Sunday afternoons, and will involve team building exercises, training, and will answer any questions you have about our trip! Our team will run two fundraising events as well as raise money through personal fundraising. The trip is expensive, but through some hard work and fundraising, it is well worth it!

Our group will be involved with the many partner organizations of CSM NYC! Our 7-day trip will be jam packed with inner-city work, immersion experiences, ethnic foods, and whatever else God has in store! The 7 days will be packed with opportunities to serve, to grow, and to connect with God!

How Should You Prepare for This Trip?

1. Prayer. Pray about this opportunity and ask God for guidance! Don't get scared by the cost! God will provide.

2. Reflect. Why do you want to go to NYC? What are you hoping to experience? Are you open to God teaching you in ways you didn't expect?

3. Talk to your family. Family support is a big help! Both in fundraising support, prayer support, and personal encouragement!

4. Availability. Sometimes great opportunities take sacrifice. Are you able to attend our monthly meetings and fundraisers? 

5. Apply! Talk to Steve, download an application, and save your spot on this amazing trip! It will be a life changing experience!